Invitation - Workshop „People with Instrumentes“ for music coaches 20.01.24

Invitation - Workshop „People with Instrumentes“ for music coaches

20.01.2024 // 11:00 – 17:00 // freiLand Potsdam/ ClubMitte

Who is it for?
For musicians who already lead band coaching or community music sessions, and for musicians
who would like to do so. Especially for musicians interested in creating inclusive and welcoming
participatory workshops for various client groups, including people from migrant backgrounds.

What will participants get?

  • A new set of tools based on improvisation and musical games.
  • An insight into an approach that includes all participants and avoids the pressure of
    ‘mistakes’ during musical participation.
  • The chance to show and extend your existing musical skills in a welcoming circle

Shape of the day

  • introduction of participants and to the concept of „People with instruments“
  • „One, two, three…GO!“ - games and exercises to generate and develop playing music together from zero
  • building blocks for a group composition
  • developing and structuring a piece from building blocks
  • the phase of practicing the a piece
  • performance
  • evaluation of the practicing process
  • feedback and ending

Who will give the workshop?
Martin Millner is a musician, community music coach and teacher working in making music, education, integration and bringing the peaces together. He comes up with a bunch of experiences bringing people togehter in music projects such us working with children, young people and adults in challanging pahses of life as well as working as a professional musician in Germany and England. Further information:

The workshop is free of costs and for up to 12 participants. Please register until 15, of January via Mail to

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